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Fitness Coach

Make your life BEAUTIFUL.

Make it BRIGHT.

And Make it COUNT.


I'm Natalie! 28 years old living in Royal Oak, Michigan! I am a dog mommy to an ADORABLE Charcoal Lab (don't worry this site will feature him quite a bit) and I am on a journey to help myself & others find the perfect "healthy formula" to start living and adapting to a HAPPY and well balanced lifestyle!

I am balancing a full time career & building a business stemmed from a passion for EMPOWERING women to understand that it is OKAY to CRAVE CHANGE even when the noise around us causes FEAR!



"Using these fitness accountability groups COMPLETELY changed my life. I have a way different perspective on working out and eating healthy, and my body has transformed in such a positive way. Not only do I look and feel healthier,  I am SO overwhelmed by the happiness I feel each and every day."


-Allison Spaeth

IF you want to achieve similar results 

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