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Coastal Italy

If you have never traveled to Italy and plan to..I HIGHLY recommend taking a trip to coastal Italy (if you love the beach, boat tours, the ocean, and amazing sightseeing)! My sister and I took a "sister trip" in 2016 & visited Amalfi, Positano, and Capri. All three of these cities were breathtaking and right up our alley when it comes to vaca spots! I have also been to Rome, which was BEAUTIFUL but one of those places that I can check off my bucket list and probably wouldn't travel to again. Coastal Italy on the other hand is much more my scene and somewhere I would love to travel to more than once!


AND maybeeee we took a private boat tour around Capri.....

and MAYBE it was about 55 degrees (we pretended it was a hot summer day) ....and we were freezing cold....and our WOODEN boat started to fill with water...sooo we drank champagne and hoped for the best!

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